Hawaiian Moons Natural Foods was established in 1994 as the first full service natural food store in the Kihei/Wailea area.  From the beginning, promoting healthy food, good fitness and a sustainable lifestyle has been, and is, the goal of Hawaiian Moons Natural Foods.

In ancient Hawaii, the Hawaiians used the moon to dictate their daily lives.  Each moon phase had a name & the Hawaiians did not think in terms of days but instead in terms of moon phases.  The phases also dictated the seasons.  By knowing the different phases of the moon the Hawaiians knew when to plant, to harvest, to fish, to worship and even to play.  This created a sustainable lifestyle for the Hawaiians. 

At Hawaiian Moons Natural Foods, we also strive to achieve and promote a sustainable lifestyle through the promotion of organic farming, recycling, environmentally friendly products and energy efficiency.

Hawaiian Moons uses only 100% compostable containers and flatware for our Salad and Hot Bars, and our Grab n' Go deli items.

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